Your pet will get pampered at a dog hotel

Dog Hotel Research

Dog Hotel – Which One Works for You?

Dog hotel arrangements is the first step in making travel plans if you expect to leave your furry friend at home or if you want to have some alone time while at your travel destination.

Whether planning long in advance for a vacation or taking a last minute weekend jaunt, nothing makes an already hurried travel situation worse than having to figure out what to do with your pet. Pet Hotels of America now makes it easy to make last minute travel plans because finding the perfect dog hotel can be done from one website. The website has listings for kennels, doggie daycares and yes, dog hotels, with maps and comments for each. Click here to see the kinds of listings we have for each city in the U.S. You will be amazed at how many pet friendly things there are to do and how easy it is to find a pet hotel.

Finding a Dog Hotel – Make it Your First Step When Moving

When relocating, make sure to find out about dog hotels near your new home before you move. If you need to leave your furry friend in a dog hotel because you need to move into temporary living for some reason, book early! Many dog hotels book up months in advance, especially during high travel season.

Any time you move, or if you have never been to a dog hotel, now is the time. Check them out so if you ever need to make travel plans on the spur of the moment, you don’t have to feel desperate to make a decision without knowing the facts. Fortunately, most of the dog hotels that we have visited, absolutely love dogs! They treat them as if they were family.


Let your dog enjoy the luxury of a dog hotel found at Pet Hotels of

Not only is a dog hotel a place for your dog to stay, but it should be staffed and designed to provide the absolute best environment. From individual rooms to indoor and outdoor play pens, grooming and training options, individual and group playtime, and webcams, a dog hotel has it all. And, far from luxury that may be out of your price range, all the amenities listed above are fairly standard!

Do a quick search at Pet Hotels of America. Simply go to the homepage, type in the name of the city you plan to visit in the Plan a Pet Friendly Vacation and you will find a list of kennels in the area. If you plan on leaving your pet home, type in the city you live in and check out the list of kennels near you. You will be surprised to see just how many options for dog hotels there within just a few miles of your home or travel destination.

If you’ve already checked them out, all you have to do is call, ask the appropriate questions to make sure the dog hotel meets your expectations and make a reservation, and drop your dog off. Include a favorite toy or bag of treats if you want; they will already have goodies for him to enjoy.

Be Prepared With Questions When You Visit A Dog Hotel

Does the dog hotel provide 24-hour supervision?

How often do they go out to potty?

What kind of exercise program does the dog hotel provide?

Are water bowls readily available?

What is their feeding schedule like?

Do they know dog CPR techniques?

How many other animals do they accept or keep in each room?

Will large and small dogs be placed together?


All things considered, it’s really very affordable to check your pooch in to a dog hotel.

Paying a pet sitter is comparable in price, and that doesn’t count potential damage to your home from stress or anxiety-derived behavior. Minimize the risks by making sure your dog is active, stimulated and really looked after with care.

Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts for your animal. The average dog hotel will offer cheaper rates for longer stays, as well as discounts for extras like a check-out grooming.

Peace of mind

It is standard now for a dog hotel to have webcam access in every individual kennel. You can check up on your dog any time you want and see for yourself how they are doing.

Whether traveling or relocating, don’t wait until the last minute to find a dog hotel. Schedule a tour of your or call and ask questions today so you are prepared in any circumstances.